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Salerno Secondary

Student Awards

St. Claudine Thévenet Award

As part of the First Year Religion programme, St Claudine Thévenetstudents are introduced to the life and teachings of St. Claudine Thévenet (foundress of the Sisters of Jesus & Mary). For the Claudine Thévenet award, the First Years are asked to reflect on what they had learned about who Claudine was. They design posters and artwork, write essays and poetry to express their understanding of Claudine’s message and its relevance in today’s world.


Emily Feeney Award

The Emily Feeney Generosity of Spirit Award is a very special day in the Salerno calendar. This award was set up in memory of Emily Feeney, a fourth-year student who died in 2007.

Emily was an exceptional girl who was known for her positive outlook on life, her gentle nature and her compassion and kindness to all she came in contact with.  

 Following her death, the Emily Feeney Generosity of Spirit Award was established to honour Emily's memory and to acknowledge the kindness and strength of character in our students. This idea to reward kindness came from the prefect group of that year, 2007-2008. They decided that Leaving Cert students would vote for the girl in their year that best deserved acknowledgement for consideration of others, kind-heartedness and thoughtfulness.

Kindness -One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.

Photography Award

The Photography Award is an exciting opportunity for TY students to showcase their talent as photographers. The award aims to encourage students to be brave in revealing their talents.

This award also wishes to celebrate a non-academic interest that nearly all young people share in this social media age, photography. We recognise that student’s hobbies and interests outside of their academic subjects at school are vital for their wellbeing, personal growth and development. We in Salerno would like to celebrate one such area with this Photography Award.

All the TY students are invited to submit a photograph they have taken for the Photography Award. The student photographs are then exhibited for all the Salerno school community. A past Salerno staff member and keen photographer, Jane Hogan views all the submissions and chooses a worthy winner.  The winner will be presented with the award during an award ceremony held in May.

The award itself is a beautiful sculpture designed and created by the outstanding Galway artist Liam Butler. This perpetual award will be given to the lucky winner to enjoy in their home for a year.

Creativity Award

The Creativity Award acknowledges the unique and special characteristics that each of our students have

For this award, all approaches to creativity are welcome. Nominees are encouraged to be creative in their thinking and to bring a unique attitude or a different insight into what they hear in class or their understanding of the wider world.

This award allows members of the school community to show appreciation and encouragement for creative students in fourth year, which is a passion of the founder of this award – Jane Hogan.