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School Uniform

Salerno School Uniform

At Salerno, we are very proud of our school uniform, which is an essential part of our school’s ethos. We believe that a smart uniform improves our students’ self-esteem and confidence and contributes to good behaviour, as well as helping them to feel part of their school community.

The official school uniform must be worn at all times and consists of:

◊ Green Salerno school jumper with crest

◊ Plain white cotton shirt or white polo shirt with collar

◊ Salerno tartan skirt or Salerno trouser

◊ Black or skin-coloured tights or plain black knee socks

◊ Plain black flat shoes

◊ Salerno school jacket with crest and hood

  • Boots or runners are not permitted to be worn with the skirt or trouser
  • One pair of sleepers/stud earrings may be worn in the lower ear only.
    No other facial, oral or body piercings are allowed for health and safety reasons.
  • Particular fashion trends may be deemed to be inappropriate for school by the school management.
  • Each item of uniform must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
  • Full school uniform must be worn for all school-related activities.


◊ Runners must be worn.

◊ PE Teachers will advise regarding appropriate PE gear.


  • Green Salerno tracksuit pants
  • Salerno sweatshirt with crest


  • The correct and neat uniform is to be worn at all times in school, on the journey to and from school and when representing the school.
  • Students are expected to wear their hair in a clean and neat style.
  • Nose or other facial rings and studs are not allowed.
  • Particular fashion trends may be deemed to be inappropriate for school by the school management.
  • Non-uniform items will be confiscated.

As a school community, Salerno is proud of its tradition and uniform. We ask you, as parents and guardians, for your cooperation in ensuring this sense of community, pride and identity is reflected in the wearing of the school uniform.

Should a student refuse to cooperate with this policy, they are in breach of the school’s Code of Behaviour.

Parents/guardians will be informed immediately and asked to provide the correct uniform.

  •  The school provides a set of blazers that can be made available to Leaving Cert. prefects on an optional basis for official school events.
  • The Uniform Policy has been drawn up in consultation with students, parent representatives, staff, and ratified by the Board of Management - January 2019.