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Our Chaplaincy seeks to inspire our students to become women who live in ways that will benefit others as well as themselves. To grow to be women who will use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. 

Our young people play a valuable part in the world they live in, and we celebrate the opportunity to walk alongside them as they learn how to channel their potential and dream of all the possibilities of who they will become. 

We will facilitate spiritual reflection, promote and encourage spiritual awareness and accompany our students as they seek to deepen their spiritual lives and grow to reach their full potential.  We encourage our students to aspire to the words of our foundress,

"How Good God Is"
St. Claudine Thévenet

The Religious of Jesus and Mary is an international congregation of Catholic sisters who have worked in the service of the Gospel in Ireland since 1912.

Committed to the apostolic call and charism of St.Claudine Thévenet, who founded the Congregation in 1818, we serve in various educational, pastoral, social and spiritual ministries, through which we make known God’s goodness and forgiving love, as revealed in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In the name ‘Jesus and Mary’, the congregation of Sisters who founded Salerno 60 years ago, we find our inspiration for what chaplaincy means here. Companionship is central to all that that shapes our Chaplaincy. As companions, we are encouraged to walk alongside our students, to accompany and be present with and for them as they step towards maturity.